LIKE NEW!! Wii Game system & controller with silicone cover (as purchased with Original Packaging)
PLUS a few GREAT ?extras? that I purchased.
System is just over 1 year old, and played maybe 20 times!! I decided to sell it simply because it?s just sitting, not being enjoyed.
Extras I purchased:
- Second controller & silicone cover (who wants to play alone?)
- 1 Wii Motion Plus (controller add on) which increases controller sensation (with silicone cover)
- Remote Charging Station with rechargeable battery packs. Charges both controllers at once.
- 1 Nun chuck
- 8 Games
Games include:
- Wii Sports (Original game that comes with the system)
Additional Games:
- Wii Sports Resort
- Marvel ? Ultimate Alliance 2
- Avatar ? The Game
- The Legend of Zelda ? Twilight Princess
- Sonic - Unleashed
- Transformers ? Revenge of the Fallen
- Spyborgs
- Bakugan ? Battle Brawlers
Will not sell any pieces individually. This offer only sells as a complete package, Sorry.
The value of EVERYTHING listed above retails for more than $600
I am selling EVERYTHING listed above for: $250